Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs

What is Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs only?

With Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs, you can give your patients the best of both worlds, indoors and out.

Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs combines indoxacarb for effective flea control with permethrin for proven tick protection in dogs for a full month. Easy and convenient to apply, Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs repels and kills larvae, nymphs and adult ticks on contact.

The indoxacarb in Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs works via bioactivation—a mode of action that uses enzymes inside the flea to activate Activyl® Tick Plus' full flea-killing power.

It's fragrance-free and remains effective after swimming and exposure to sunlight.1

Convenient 1 and 6 dose presentations help support client compliance:

  • Six month presentations ensure long-term parasite control.

  • Single month presentations are perfect for growing puppies, convenient for travel, and provide flexible dispensing options. This presentation also is ideal for home delivery prescriptions.

  • The snap-open applicator opens without scissors, leaving the other hand free to hold the pet.

Product Label(s) and MSDS

Activyl® Tick Plus is available strictly through veterinarians and protected by Merck Animal Health Track & Trace™ System.



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